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eGov Solutions: ePEP Attendance Collection

Market Leaders supporting Children in Care and Vulnerable Children

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eGov Solutions Spring ePEP

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Welcome to the Official ePEP Single Sign-on

The UK's largest Virtual School Platform for tracking attainment, monitoring
attendance and overseeing the allocation of Pupil Premium using ePEP SMART targets
used in 150 authorities.

Official HM Government G-Cloud 13 Supplier (click here to order)

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PEP for Success
for Vulnerable Children

Supporting Vulnerable Children
within 150 local authorities and over
8000 schools.

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ePEP Tracks Attainment

ePEP measures educational performance and tracks the child’s flight path
against national age related expected progress and localised benchmarks.

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New Attendance Collection Service

Attendance Collect automatically retrieves live or weekly attendance data from schools
linking the attendance codes directly into ePEP for both in and out of authority children.

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ePEP Tracks Pupil Premium

ePEP monitors and tracks Pupil Premium expenditure and links accountability
to SMART targets. Designated teachers can request funding directly using ePEP.

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Squiddle - Private Space for Children

Squiddle is the secure platform providing a private space for young people to communicate
with their teacher, social worker or any other professional supporting the child.

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The Official ePEP Single Sign-on

ePEP Single Sign-On is the official Virtual School Cloud Platform for tracking attainment, monitoring attendance and overseeing the allocation of Pupil Premium for Looked After and Vulnerable Children.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Children

We have now developed multiple cohorts for all Vulnerable Children.

Safeguarding Children In Need with advanced attendance collection for all Vulnerable Children.

Attainment Tracking

ePEP measures educational performance. The child’s flight path is tracked against national age-related expected progress and localised benchmarks.

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Attendance and Attainment Collection

The ePEP SSO platform collects LIVE attendance and attainment data automatically from schools and providers for both in and out of authority children.

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Pupil Premium Tracking

ePEP monitors and tracks Pupil Premium expenditure against SMART targets. Designated teachers can request funding directly using the ePEP platform.

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The National ePEP Single Sign-On Personal Education Plan to Success

eGov Solutions head office is based in Wilmslow Cheshire. Managing director Gary Daniels was the original founder to develop (ePEP) the electronic personal education plan for looked after children in 2002. Nationally we are the most commonly used and highly recommended platform to support the educational progress and outcomes for Looked After Children.We cover over 150 local authorities and support over 8000 schools across England and Wales, with approximately 62000 users.The secure platform tracks attainment and progress in line with national age-related expected achievements and enables local authorities to work in partnership with schools and education providers. Other key areas include live attendance monitoring and pupil premium expenditure.We liaise with Ofsted and the DfE to ensure ePEP delivers and complies with statutory guidance. To portray an accurate image for looked after children, core data is drawn from both social care and education databases.The ePEP platform has grown from recording individual PEPs – into a much larger IMS management reporting tool to support Virtual Schools around the country. The system has become the ePEP Single Sign-on platform for teachers in over 24000 schools.

Live Reports

Using the virtual school dashboard, live reports and KPI’s can be aggregated across schools, year groups or by individual children.
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Secure Servers

We take storing children’s information very seriously. Learn about our security policies & data handling.
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We provide clients with dedicated, round the clock support to guarantee customer satisfaction 365 days of the year.
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The ePEP Platform – who is it for?

ePEP is a vital tool for all professionals involved in the PEP process.


Squiddle – The young persons voice

This secure platform provides a private space for young people to communicate. Be that with their teacher, social worker or any other professional supporting the child. Squiddle allows the child to securely record chronological events and educational achievements privately. The teacher and the young person are able to communicate with each other via Squiddle.

Through the software, children can upload photographs, documents and videos. This can be achieved through any device connected to the web. Teachers and social workers can upload exam results, attainment information and attendance history. Designed to support and enrich the child’s record of achievement.


Here are a few kind words from some happy customers.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Marie Plant

I have worked with Gary Daniels recently to procure and build a new system to manage caseloads of children attending alternative provision. The new system has the ability for alternative providers to enter children’s daily attendance marks and for mainstream schools to view their attendance marks which is an invaluable tool to ensure proper safeguarding of children by their mainstream school. The system also allows alternative providers to enter half termly attainment information for the children and for the mainstream school to set the targets. Gary has worked directly with me to build the system to the exact specification the local authority asked for and by doing so, has built us an excellent product which will be rolled out to schools and alternative providers within Stoke-on-Trent in September 2015.

Marie PlantBusiness Analyst – Transformation and ProgrammesStoke on Trent Council
Adam Palmer

The progression our authority has experienced with ePEP has been excellent. Progressing to an electronic based PEP system was relatively stress-free and has been met with very positive feedback from professionals. The ease at which PEPs are now accessible by all linked professionals, wherever they’re based, is great and response times from the ePEP team when reporting any errors we’ve come across have been very good.

The system allows our users to input the necessary information easily, with (customisable) access for all other linked professionals to view that information instantly.

One of the biggest successes our authority has had with ePEP has been the Pupil Premium Tracker, a resource which allows our Designated Teachers to request Pupil Premium Plus funding via specific targets on the child’s PEP. These funding requests are submitted to our team for approval, and funding is allocated to the schools based on need. Having worked with ePEP for a number of years now, we’d find it incredibly difficult to revert to paper based PEPs. ePEP has been a very positive addition to our authority.

Adam PalmerVirtual School HeadHull County Council

Jerry Cooper

Pastoral Support Manager

Helen Jones

Care Coordinator

Damon Smith

Special Needs Officer