Who Cares Trust

The Who Cares Trust is a voice and a champion for children and young people in the UK living in care. The Who Cares Trust believe that every child in care should receive the support, encouragement and opportunities they need to enjoy their life and to achieve.

What does The Who Cares Trust Do?

So how exactly does The Who Cares Trust make a difference to the lives and outcomes of children in care?

Here’s how:

The Who Cares Trust support and empower children in care and young care leavers through their engagement programme, including running lifeskills workshops for young care leavers, organising work experience and providing one-to-one support and guidance to young people in the programme.

They influence legislation, policy and practice by ensuring the views and experiences of young people are heard where they need to be. This work includes running the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Looked After Children and Care Leavers, research reports, consultation responses and their young trainers scheme, where they support young people in and from care to devise and deliver training for professionals working with children in care

The Who Cares Trust publish magazines and publications for children in care that inspire, empower and inform them. They also publish books for foster carers and other professionals responsible for children in care that help them improve their practice and keep up to date with policies and legislation.

They develop collaborative projects which aim to improve life in and after care.

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