National Education ePEP the PEP to Success

Service Overview

We are market leaders supporting local authorities with educational & attendance monitoring for looked-after children. The company has a dedicated team of developers and support specialists who passionate and highly experienced with supporting the largest to the smallest authorities in the country.Gary Daniels managing director originally developed ePEP (Electronic Personal Education Plan) platform over 18 years ago. We have continually developed and enhanced the cloud based platform to accommodate the changing environment and changes to legalisation. We are confident we offer the very best dedicated service to support Virtual Schools with disadvantaged children.

The National ePEP Single Sign-on has become the total online package to track and monitor looked after children’s educational progress and outcomes, through the online ePEP single sign-on. The service includes the collection of live attendance data daily or weekly and the collection of termly key stage attainment data. Involving social workers, designated teachers, providers, support specialists and most importantly parents and carers to work and communicate securely online with the local authority.

We are a young person focused company that is culturally aligned with many ethnicities and diverse groups. Supporting Looked After Children, Children at risk of Sexual Exploitation, Children Missing Education, Post Looked After Children, Youth Offenders, Children with Specialist Educational Needs and Children in Need. Our expertise is not limited and we are keen to support other vulnerable groups to improve outcomes.

The ePEP platform provides a holistic area to record and measure the child’s educational performance, achievements, targets, aspirations, outcomes, concerns and self well-being. Helping professionals identify and implement interventions for improving educational quality and achieving better outcomes.

We continually work with young people to ensure their voices are heard by adapting the software to meet their expectations and changing needs. This has enabled us to offer a Young Persons Portal within ePEP to securely record important events, achievements and to capture bespoke answers to questions set by the Virtual School. Young People can also connect to ePEP Portal via a secure mobile APP which is optional.

We have worked extensively to support authorities in these challenging times by developing the streamlined COVID-19 PEP in partnership with Birmingham Council. This is now included within the ePEP standard features to support all teachers and professionals with in-out of school education. Our aim is to be as flexible and responsive as possible to meet all our clients requirements.

Our ePEP Attendance Collection Service integrates directly into the PEP and provides a simple and effective solution by sending external notifications and alerts to attendance officers. Authorities using the new automatic collection service have quickly benefited from the improved percentage and quality of DFE attendance data, linking into the PEP attendance profile page.

The eGOV support team will provide extra support to ensure designated attendance officers take up the new service and the complete daily or weekly electronic register. We can guarantee a quick improvement with PEP and attendance quality, teachers have welcomed the new remote approach and provided positive results across the country.

We provide access to our Self-Report Builder for clients to use within the platform for a completely unique approach to analysing data. This powerful application allows professionals to easily produce tailored reports, configure threshold alerts, conduct data mining, analyse and drill-down on all aspects of collected PEP and attendance data. Bespoke reports can be automatically generated weekly or shared between colleagues. Individual cohorts, school data, PEP completion, key-stage results, collected attendance, attainment data plus much more can be downloaded. This feature which has proven to be invaluable for many authorities.

Customisable Dashboards are available to quickly drill-down on key areas of focus and concern with large or individual cohorts. Attainment, progress, PEP completion, targets, attendance, quality assurance ratings, Look-up tables, drop-downs menus can be edited be the client to analyse the dashboards.

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