Attendance Collect Automatic Collection Service

Attendance Service Overview

We are market leaders supporting local authorities with educational & attendance monitoring for looked-after children. The company has a dedicated team of developers and support specialists who passionate and highly experienced with supporting the largest to the smallest authorities in the country.

Gary Daniels managing director originally developed ePEP (Electronic Personal Education Plan) platform over 18 years ago. We have continually developed and enhanced the cloud based platform to accommodate the changing environment and changes to legalisation. We are confident we offer the very best dedicated service to support Virtual Schools with disadvantaged children.
The National ePEP Single Sign-on has become the total online package to track and monitor looked after children’s educational progress and outcomes, through the online ePEP single sign-on. The service includes the collection of live attendance data daily or weekly and the collection of termly key stage attainment data. Involving social workers, designated teachers, providers, support specialists and most importantly parents and carers to work and communicate securely online with the local authority.
Our ePEP Attendance Collection Service integrates directly into the PEP and provides a simple and effective solution by sending external notifications and alerts to attendance officers. Authorities using the new automatic collection service have quickly benefited from the improved percentage and quality of DfE attendance data, linking into the PEP attendance profile page and other supporting systems.
How our service works in practice:
After the lessons we have learnt since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we now understand better than ever the challenges of collecting attendance for looked after children. If the child is attending school or being educated from home our “Attendance Collection” module is working very well for authorities collecting attendance in line with the new COVID-19 DfE guidance. 
The Attendance Collection application operates on an automated basis rather than a telephone calls, a secure email notification is automatically sent out to a designated attendance officer, allocated teacher from each school. Professionals are automatically directed to our electronic register notifying them to select DfE attendance codes using a quick drop-down menu. Depending on the client preference daily or weekly collections can be chosen, additionally time selection AM-PM collections can programmed from within the client administration tools.   

The designated attendance officer have full access to their own individual children’s cohort from within the attendance landing page, highlighting outstanding daily or weekly collections for each child. Automatic prompt 24 hour notifications, reminder-alerts are sent out to failed or missed collections. Absent and punctuality alerts are also sent out from the system automatically if a absent code has been registered to linked professionals. 

Both in-authority and out-authority schools will be able to input AM-PM attendance remotely without the need of manual collection by telephone. This approach has been warmly welcomed from teachers and providers using the service. 

Attendance codes have been adapted for COVID-19 and can be further customised to individual authority requirement using the self build lookup tables. Inputted information will update automatically for each child and be can be displayed chronologically on the attendance landing page. All attendance information feeds directly through to the child’s secure profile page. Parents or Carers access can access the portal to register feedback to validate lateness or absences.     

Allocated ‘Attendance Officers’ will receive a user guide and training video for support along with login details. The Virtual School can also customise their own attendance codes and streamline the list for the Attendance Officers to choose from. Should professionals be working remotely, this service is accessible by mobile phone, smart device, tablet, personal computers and laptops. Schools will also have access to attendance and attainment dashboards enabling staff to produce local reports on current and historical attendance and attainment data for looked after children.