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Gloucestershire champions the use of ePEP’s chat feature.

ePEP has recently installed a new feature, which is currently being tested by one of our longest standing councils – Gloucestershire.

The chat feature will enable all professionals attached to a child to communicate with each other and the virtual school with ease. The capability of this feature will change the face of how users interact within the ePEP system.

The chat allows two users to hold a private conversation between each other. There are 2 ways to start a conversation with another user on the system.

From the user view:
For those familiar with ePEP you will need to visit the users overview page, and if you have the correct privilege, a secure chat button is available for you – click the chat button and a new chat box will open for you with the user you have chosen to interact with.

From the conversations widget:
If the chat is enabled, a blue widget appears. Find it located at the bottom right corner of your browser window. Click it to view the list of conversations already started. Click a user name to open a chat box.


If you’re interested in seeing this chat feature – feel free to contact me – or alternatively if you’d like to arrange an ePEP demonstration you can either email on the link above or ring on 0845 680 7403

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