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Designated Teachers embrace ePEP attainment

ePEP’s attainment section enables teachers to use their own school measures while RAG rating and tracking live and termly progress on core subjects. The system provides pictorial graphs and reports – which are easily understood by social workers, teachers and carers alike via the ePEP dashboard.

Designated teachers have successfully embraced ePEP to record live termly attainment and attendance data across the country. Feedback has been extremely positive from authorities using the system as can be seen by a case study done by Northampton:

“We are learning as we are moving on and are confident that with the excellent professional support we are getting from eGov Digital and the full engagement from our teams, by the end of next term the electronic PEP system will be fully embedded in the processes and the educational outcomes for the LAC children will see considerable improvement.” Nina Thomas, Northampton

Both Social Care and Education databases can now use our import/ export tool to populate core personal information, attainment and attendance. The ePEP platform can also highlight data discrepancies between databases to ensure records are correct.

“RAG rating termly results and estimating achievements has become an essential facility for professionals to quickly access and share information referring to the PEP”. – Adam Palmer, Hull

To learn more about attainment, or to arrange an ePEP Demo, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email: or by telephone: 0845 680 7403

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