Squiddle Platform

Squiddle Private Space for Children

Squiddle is a new development due to launched in Mayfair London on the 9th of June 2015 .

The secure Squiddle platform provides a private space for young people to communicate with their teacher, social worker or any other professional supporting the child. The concept turns Facebook upside down allowing the child to securely record chronological events and educational achievements privately. This Private space allows the teacher to communicate directly to the young person about anything supporting the child’s educational progress.

This platform will allow the young person to upload photographs, documents and videos from any device connected to the Internet. Teachers and Social Workers can also upload supporting evidence including exam results, attainment information, attendance history, to support and in rich the child’s record of achievement.

Importing documents and photographs can also be uploaded via the ePEP timeline, allowing professionals total control over content released to the young person. Sensitivity has also been accounted for with unique disclosure tools to allow teachers and social workers the facility to time-lock photographs and documents for when the child comes of age.

Birth history including life story work can also be recorded using this platform enabling Social Workers and Carers to record chronological events starting from when a child is born.

The ePEP Timeline will allow professionals a secure platform to communicate with the young person via internal chat email within the private space. The young person cannot directly communicate with friends from within this private space, this environment will only allow direct access to their own educational information and achievements.

Squiddle also has an educational calendar allowing Teachers to enter event’s and educational reminders for the children. Young people can also use the calendar to record and track homework, timetables, and exam dates. The new platform can be accessed from mobile devices such as iPads and mobile phones. This secure environment is hosted via https: platform similar to ePEP online.  Squiddle has been developed with young people and professionals from local authorities currently using ePEP online. This new feature will be available soon.