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Europe’s largest authority joins ePEP

We would like to give a warm welcome to Birmingham City Council for joining ePEP. We’ve enjoyed working with Birmingham’s Virtual School both in training suites and in coffee shops, planning out how to get ePEP up and running without a hitch. And what a success it was! Congratulation’s are in order as Birmingham has […]

Northampton gives an outstanding case study for ePEP

Background An important part of the service improvement undertaken by Northamptonshire County Council, is the need to significantly improve the educational outcomes for all looked after children and young people (LAC) in care. Early on in the journey, it became clear that to achieve this aim, NCC needs to change the way they support, deliver […]

SMART Targets

After the success of the first ever Advisory Group the Virtual Heads from around the country worked together to help develop the new SMART target section. A smart target is defined as such: S = Specific S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Relevant, Rigorous, Realistic, and Results Focused T = […]

ePEP National Conference 2015

National ePEP conference in central London on the 5th October 2015. Further to the overwhelming success from the Manchester ePEP conference held on November 2014, we will be hosting the national ePEP conference in Central London on the 5th October 2015. Existing and new authorities will be invited to attend for a morning demonstration around […]

Squiddle Private Space for Children

Squiddle is a new development due to launched in Mayfair London on the 9th of June 2015 . The secure Squiddle platform provides a private space for young people to communicate with their teacher, social worker or any other professional supporting the child. The concept turns Facebook upside down allowing the child to securely record chronological […]

FFT & The Fischer Family Trust

Schools & Academies You can access FFT Aspire data and support in one of the following ways: Option 1: Via your Local Authority (including Academies) – please contact your LA for further details Option 2: Via FFT direct through an individual School subscription Option 3: Via FFT direct through a School Group subscription (discounted rate […]

PEP completion rates increase

PEP completion rates have significantly increased for authorities using ePEP’s new feature (Mandatory Data Fields). System administrators can now customise the professional section within ePEP’s user matrix to ensure Social workers and Designated teachers complete important data requirements and questions. The system alerts professionals if targets are not completed PEP’s are not completed within  timescale, […]

Widgit Symbols

One of the great features of ePEP are the sections for the young people to complete using interactive avatars. The young person has numerous options to choose from, children with reading difficulties or a visual impairment significantly benefit from the spoken questions by the avatar. This technique guarantees for whatever reason the child cannot read or has […]

Pupil Premium Plus

Additional funds for children in care become available from April 2014 through the Pupil Premium Plus (PP+). Besides increasing the amount to £1900 per child, the funds will be available from the first day a child comes in to care. The Virtual School head in each local authority will be responsible for administrating the Pupil Premium […]

Statutory Guidance ePEP

Statutory Guidance and Personal Education Plans There are four pieces of statutory guidance that determine what a PEP contains, how it should be used, who does what and when it needs to be completed and reviewed. For social workers,  The Children Act 1989 Guidance and RegulationsVolume 2: Care Planning, Placement and Case Review,covers the PEP […]